We understand the profound impact a well-designed website can have on your business. Our Website Design service is meticulously crafted for individuals and businesses aiming to leave a lasting impression on clients and guests. We embark on a journey to create an unforgettable user experience, fostering curiosity, piquing interest, and ultimately contributing to the growth of your business.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that a visually appealing website goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a powerful tool for communication and engagement. A well-organized design, strategically curated to capture immediate attention, is at the heart of what we do. We recognize that your website is not just a digital presence; it's an evolving entity that should seamlessly adapt and grow with your business, ready to accommodate future expansion and changes.

Whether you're an individual entrepreneur, a growing business, or an established brand, our goal is to craft a digital space that not only reflects your identity but also enhances your online presence.

Starter Website Package

Ideal for: Individuals and Small Businesses

  • Platform: Built on Shopify or Wix
  • Key Features: Up to 5 Pages: Home, About Us, Services, Contact, and one additional page of choice.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: Ensuring a seamless user experience across devices.
  • Customized Design: Basic design elements tailored to match your brand.
  • Contact Form Integration: Allowing easy communication with site visitors.
  • Basic SEO Optimization: Enhancing visibility on search engines.
  • Domain and Hosting Setup: Assistance in securing a domain and setting up hosting.

Investment: $999

This Package Is For Me

Professional Website Package

Ideal for: Growing Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Platform: Built on Shopify or Wix
  • Key Features: Up to 10 Pages: Expanded content sections for detailed information.
  • Up to 30 product uploads (More can be added to your package upon request)
  • Enhanced Design Customization: Incorporating advanced design elements.
  • E-commerce Integration: For businesses looking to sell products or services online.
  • Blog Setup: Adding a blog section for regular content updates.
  • SEO Optimization: Advanced keyword research and on-page optimization.
  • Social Media Integration: Connecting the website with social media platforms.

Investment: $1,799

This Package Is For Me

Premium Website Package:

Ideal for: Established Businesses and E-commerce Brands

  • Platform: Built on Shopify or Wix
  • Key Features: 10- 20 Pages: Scalable architecture for a comprehensive online presence.
  • Advanced Design Elements: Incorporating complex layouts and interactive features.
  • E-commerce Optimization: Advanced features for large product catalogs.
  • Custom Development: Tailored functionalities and plugins as per client requirements.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Providing flexibility for content updates.
  • Advanced SEO Strategy: In-depth analysis, ongoing optimization, and reporting.
  • Membership/Subscription Integration: For exclusive content or services.

Investment: $2,999

This Package Is For Me

The Process

Time line 4-6 weeks

  • Website Strategy

    So you've selected & booked your service! After you fill out and send over all required website information for your project. The first thing we will do is research & discover who you truly are as a brand, review your website requests based on the information you will provide us about your brand.

  • Design

    Blending Brand Strategy with thorough Industry Research, the next step involves crafting a single design concept tailored to your specific requirements. Our process begins with presenting the homepage for your initial review and approval. Once the layout of the homepage is confirmed, we proceed to construct the entire website, ensuring consistency and coherence with the approved design.

  • Let's Launch

    After the concept is finalized & all design pages are approved. Get ready to flaunt your fresh new website!

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Before You Book

Are we a good fit?

While we have a strong desire to assist every client, it's important to acknowledge that not every client is an ideal match for our services. Let's explore together to determine if we are the right fit for your needs

We are a good fit if:

1. You possess a profound passion for your business & are committed to the process!
2.You're prepared to make strategic investments with long-term positive impacts on your business.
3.You admire our past work and design aesthetic.
4.You aim to distinguish yourself in your industry.

What will I need to provide?

  1. Domain and Login Credentials: Clients are responsible for domain and subscription plan fees.
  2. Logo: Provide a high-quality logo in .png format or ai (transparent). If you don't have a logo consider booking a Branding Service with your website package.
  3. Theme Selection: For clients selecting Shopify as a platform. Website design will be based on the selected theme, incorporating colors from your logo or branding materials.
  4. Professional Photos: Top-notch product images are essential. If you're in the process of capturing them, you can still book and secure your slot and start the process. However, we'll need these images by week 3 of your project timeline or it may delay the project timeline. Alternatively, stock photos are an option. If you seek to add this on reach out to us for a quote - if further clarification, is needed free to reach out to us via email.
  5. Page Tabs/Titles: Be ready to share important policies such as Return Policies, Shipping Policies, FAQs, etc. This is crucial for providing information to your clients.

How long will this take?

  1. Processing Time: Up to 4-6 Weeks
  2. Revision Time: By week 4, you'll receive the initial design for the homepage. Allow up to 1 week between revisions for meticulous fine-tuning, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your expectations.
  3. The countdown: begins from the moment we receive all required information for your project. Your prompt collaboration in providing necessary details sets the stage for a smooth and timely design journey.

What is your design policy?

  • You are entitled to three design drafts. This includes two opportunities for revisions after the initial design is sent. After the third draft, a revision fee will apply per revision. (Revision fees may vary based on your project)

What is not included?

1. Hosting Fees: are not covered in the package. You'll need to arrange and cover hosting separately to ensure the smooth operation of your website.

2. Purchase Of Domain: While we guide you through the process, the purchase of a domain is not included. You are responsible for acquiring and maintaining your chosen domain.

3. Copywriting: Crafting written content for your website is not part of the standard package. If you need assistance with copywriting, we can offer this as an add on to your package please fill out a form to get a quote based on your specific website needs.

I still have questions, what should I do?

You can email me your questions at marlidcustoms@gmail.com or you can book a clarity call here

My Website Requires A Bit More

You've explored our packages, but your website demands something more extensive! No worries – let's tailor a package that encompasses everything your website needs for unparalleled success. Complete the form below to kickstart the journey toward your custom-crafted solution.